Privacy Policy

In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Information and personal data, we put in his knowledge that the record in the web page or the cumplimentación of any existing form in the above mentioned web site, implies the acceptance of the present Politics of Privacy, according to the following conditions:

1. The personal information that you voluntarily facilitate to us filling the forms of the present web site or by means of the e-mail of contact indicated in the same one, will be incorporated to our files only for the purpose of managing the services that BALI DEKOR offers across his web, (in forward "BALIDEKOR.COM") and to manage due the orders and the purchases that you could realize across the above mentioned web site.

2. Likewise we inform you that with regard to such information, you will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established in the force legislation, by means of a writing directed the electronic direction

3. The user guarantees the genuineness of all that information that he communicates to BALIDEKOR.COM, and it will keep updated the information that facilitates BALI DEKOR so that it corresponds at all time with the reality, being the only one responsible for the false or inaccurate manifestations that it realizes, as well as of the prejudices that it causes for it to BALI DEKOR or to third parties.

4. BALI DEKOR neither takes responsibility of the mistakes or omissions that this web site could contain, nor assumes any type of responsibility derived from the incorrect, inappropriate or illicit use on the part of the user of the information appeared in the Internet page of BALI DEKOR.

5. This web site can allow  the user   to information of third parties or, by means of links, access to other web sites managed by third parties, of whose content, information, mistakes or omissions BALI DEKOR does not take responsibility in any way. The existence of such links does not imply either that BALI DEKOR recommend or approve of any forms his contents. For So much, the navigation of the user for the above mentioned web sites foreign to BALI DEKOR will be under his only and exclusive responsibility, with total indemnity for BALI DEKOR.

6. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and the rest of contents included in this web site are an exclusive property of BALI DEKOR. Any act of transmission, distribution, transfer, reproduction, storage or public total or partial communication, it must possess the express assent of BALI DEKOR.

7. The users who facilitate his information of personal character, give his express consent in order that they could be communicated to third parties, to the ends of being able to carry out the services offered by BALIDEKOR.COM and be able to expire with the contractual existing relation between the user and BALI DEKOR.

8. By means of the acceptance of the present Politics of Privacy, the user authorizes BALI DEKOR to send expressly communications to keep him informed about questions relative to the activity of BALI DEKOR and to the services given by BALIDEKOR.COM. The user authorizes expressly BALI DEKOR to send  regular form e-mails with information about the different meetings or campaigns of sale, present or future,  organized by  BALIDEKOR.COM. Likewise, the acceptance on the part of the user of the present Politics of Privacy implies the presentation of his express assent in order that BALI DEKOR  could send him advertising or promotional communications by e-mail or another way of equivalent communication, in the established termsFor the Law 34/2002, of Services of the Company of the Information and of Electronic Trade. In the supposition of not being interested in receiving this type of communications it will have to indicate it, communicating it to him to BALI DEKOR by means of e-mail to the direction