Balinese Umbrella Ø180 Folding Mast Aqua Blue


Balinese Umbrella Ø180 Folding Mast Aqua Blue

Product no.: SOM-200-AZ/PL

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Balinese Umbrella.

Inspired in Balinese Umbrellas used in Bali ceremonies. Amazing Balinese Umbrella, handycraft for balinese artisans. The folding mast has handcarved parts and the cotton fabric is decorated with sleigh bells, embossing hearts and tassels. 180 cm. Ø x 250 cm. h.

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Size 180 cm Ø


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Teak Console Teak Console
346.00 €
Solid Teak Root Table Solid Teak Root Table
235.00 €
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